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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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If you are running a business that requires your employees to have access to the Internet then you are probably tired of telling them to get off unrelated websites. With the Network control software Responsible Surfing tool is the best way to prevent them from accessing websites that they shouldn’t be viewing.

Although this software is the ideal tool for business owners, it is also an excellent software for schools and even for parents. The Network control software Responsible Surfing gives you the ability to block access to specific websites or simply from certain web pages.

The Network control software Responsible Surfing tool also lets you choose specific tasks that users cannot perform online such as watching videos, using credit cards and even playing games. The GUI makes this software tool easy to use and provides users with great functions.

Blocking and filtering

Network control software Responsible Surfing has whole range of blocking and filtering tools for employee control. Blocking website based on URL´s and content of web pages. Block application such as online games, chat and etc. There are tools to block activities such as gambling, credit card use and watching movies. There are tolls to block private information from predators and etc.

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Monitoring and recording

Network control software Responsible Surfing can monitor and record all activities on a emploee computer effective employee monitoring. It monitors keystrokes, website visit, copy and pastes, emails chats. There is a special tool to monitor keywords such that are related to sexual harashment on the workplace. It has a tool that takes screenshots of the screen and gives you a detail report of all those activities.

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Time Management

Time control tools are a easy to use very effective tool to limit time online per day/week/ month for each or group of employees. You can limit time surfing websites, watching movies and using the computer in general. All depending on the best internet use for the company

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For effective emplyee control of internet use a network control software needs the best alert system. Responsible Surfing sends you instant and regular alert to workplace administrator for all important activities e.g. trying to open a block application, enter a blocked site, receiving and sending emails and etc. You can get these alerts instantly not only through emails but also in SMS to you mobile phone

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Great network control software needs good report section. In Responsible Surfing all activities on all computer on the network can be looked at in a very organized report system. You can look at report for specific user for specific time !

System Requirements:

pII with 64 MB RAM

Network control software Responsible Surfing  Free Download screenshot